Diwan Khadilkar consultants pvt.Ltd.

Mr. Shrikant Laxman Diwan(Director)
diwan_khadilkar@hotmail.com, dkahydro@gmail.com
B.E. (Civil) M. I. E.
Professional Status
Ex. M.S.E.II
1970 to 1982 Worked as Jr. Engineer and Deputy Engineer in Irrigation Department. He has surveyed & designed more than 20 no M. I. Tanks, 5 nos. Medium Earthen Dam, 150 nos small percolation tanks As Engineer in Government Department .And have Rich experience in handling large survey works.
1970 to 1974 Investigation wing of Irrigation Department
1974 to 1976 Construction wing of Irrigation Department
1976 to 1978 Quality Control wing of earthen and masonry structures of Irrigation Department
1978 to 1982 After promotion from Junior Engineer Cadre to Maharashtra Services of Engineers class II cadre he worked as Asst Superintending Engineer in Administrative wing.
May 1982 Resigned from Government Services for better prospects.
1982 to 1985 Worked with M/S R. M. Mohite & Company, Kolhapur as Chief Engineer. Left the company in June, 1985.
Since 1985 to date
  • Working as free lance consultant.
  • Worked for various projects and acquainted with earthwork, masonry work, concrete structures thorough knowledge of tender procedure, quantity estimation, billing, claims, demands etc.
  • Handled variety of cases related with change of scope, variation in quantity and complicated final bills cases.
  • Taking number of works for clients and completed the same by engaging sub-contractors.
  • Acquired rich experience in variety of cases by dealing with tender clauses and implications on contracts for more than 15 years.
  • Technically sound and well versed with estimates, drawings etc.
  • In March, 1998 established a company “Diwan & Khadilkar Associates” when Capt S. P. Khadilkar B.E. (Civil) Ex MSE 1, LLB (Special) joined after resigning from Government services. And both of work as Contract & Technolegal Consultant.

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