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Mr. Sagar B. Yalugade(Director)
diwan_khadilkar@hotmail.com, dkahydro@gmail.com
D.C.E., B.E. (Civil)
Professional Status
In Charge of Technical Branch of Kolhapur Office

 Carried out investigation and survey of two K.T. weirs, three M.I. tanks and two km. canal reach and prepare the project reports as follows .

a) M.I.Tanks

  • I) Bahirewadi M.I.Tank.
  • II) Waghade M.I.Tank.
  • III) Madhyal M.I.Tank.

b) K.T.Weirs

  • I) Shippur K.T.Weir.
  • II) Uttur K.T.Weir.

c) Canals

I) Dudhaganga Left Bank Canal Km No. 1 & 15. 

  • Carried out investigation and detail survey of sites of Hydro Power Potential like Deoghar, Mahammadwadi, Andra, Ganjvani and to his credits are Self Identified Hydro Power projects of  Tillari LBC km 9., Hatnur, Padalse Hydro Electric Projects.

  • Rich experience in preparing civil and electromech tenders for  Hydro Electric Projects 
  • Design, preparing various levels drawing, estimating & supervision of Deoghar Hydro electric project with extension of penstock and T.R.C.
 Previous Experience
  • 7 Years experience in Design, Estimating & construction of various Residential bungalows, Commercial buildings . 
  • 1 year experience in Design ,Estimating and Supervision of 10,000 Sqf. Industrial godown  shed, Main entrance gate with automization, water supply pipe line and 3km internal road in industry premises.

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