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Mr. Shivprasad Gajanan Raibagkar(Associate Geology Consultant)
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M.SC. (Geology)
Professional Status
Associate Geology Consultant
1987 He have 26 years of working experience in the field of Hydrogeology, Groundwater Exploration, Soil Resistivity, Mineral Exploration, Engineer Geology, Geo Technical Investigation, Rain Water Harvesting, Subsurface formations Demarcation, Delineation of subsurface seepage pathways etc.
He have been conducting Geophysical exploration (Resistivity) surveys for many of the above mentioned Geological aspects, with the aid of sophisticated digital instruments owned by me, in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujrath, Bihar and Orissa States. These services have been utilized by various Government, Semi Government organizations, industrial setups, Engineering and infrastructural development firms, mine owners, mineral processing units, farmers etc. Since 1987.
He carried out Ground Water Exploration Surveys, for about 470 villages in Sindhudurga District, and about 100 wadi, villages in Ratnagiri District.
1997 to 2001 He was instrumental in setting up 100 TPD BAUXITE CALCINATION PLANT in Bhudargad Tahsil of Kolhapur District during 1997 to 2001.
2001 to 2003
  2003 to this     date 
Exploitation of Feldspar Body, by applying proper mining methods, was conducted during the period of 2001 to 2003.

Carried out a vast number of assignments of geological loggings of various dams , barrages etc

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