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Radhanagari HEP (2 x 5000 KW)
Deoghar HEP (1 x 1500 KW)
Sonavade HEP (2 x 2000 KW)
Hetavane HEP (1x1.5MW)
Pimpalwadi(Dubi) HEP(4x100 KW)
Gunjavani HEP(1x2 MW)
Gosikhurd HEP(2x1.25 MW)
Morna Hydro project (1x1MW)
Sr No. Name Of Work Year Name of Client Name of Employer
1 Minor Irrigation Tank at Jelugade Tal. Chandgad, Dist. Kolhapur 1997 Rudranee Construction Co., Aurangabad MKVDC, Pune
2 Construction of Pump House stage 1 - B of Tembhu Lift Irrigation Project, Dist. Satara 1997 Pratibha Construction, Kolhapur MKVDC, Pune
3 Dudhganga canal construction Km No.16, Dist. Kolhapur 1998 Sanjay B. Patil, Kolhapur MKVDC, Pune
4 Dudhganga canal construction Km No.18 & 19, inclusive of tunnel, Dist Kolhapur 1998 Parwani Builder, Nagpur MKVDC, Pune
5 Construction of M.I. Tank at Megholi, Dist. Kolhapur 1998 Rathod & Mane (JV) Kolhapur MKVDC, Pune
6 Construction of R.C.C. Box on Km No. 2 & 3 of Dudhganga Canal, Dist. Kolhapur 1999 Pratibha Construction, Kolhapur MKVDC, Pune
7 Mhaisal Pump House 4th Stage 2000 M/s S.P. Kaulgud, Miraj MKVDC, Pune
8 Construction of M. I. Tank at Kondoshi, Dist. Kolhapur 2001 M/s R.B. Krishnani, Pune MKVDC, Pune
9 Construction of at Takari Stage IV, Dist. Sangli L.I. Scheme 2001 R. B. Krishnani, Pune MKVDC, Pune
10 Kaiga Atomic Power Project Unit 3 & 4 2002 Sub contract of Afcons - Sub Contractor - Sanjay B. Patil, Kolhapur Nuclear Power Corporation of India
11 Shrimp Farm Project at Nevare, Dist. Ratnagiri 2003 Owner - Gadre Marine Export Ratnagiri Gadre Marine Export Ratnagiri
12 Construction of a Major K.T.Weir at Shinganapur across Panchganga river, Dist. Kolhapur 2007 M/s R.A.Patil (JV) Kolhapur MKVDC, Pune