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Mr. Ramesh Balasaheb Patil
diwan_khadilkar@hotmail.com, dkahydro@gmail.com
B.E. (Civil)
Professional Status
Sub Divisional Engineer(Retd)
1978 After passing B.E. Civil from Nagpur University he joined Water Resource Department, Maharashtra State in Warna Circle, Kolhapur on 24th August, 1978.
As  Assistant Engineer in Dudhagana Right Bank Canal Sub Division Bidri, under Division DRBC, Kolhapur, carried out detailed survey of Dudhganga Bidri Branch Canal including carrying out Bench Mark from Km 0 of Bidri Branch to Boundary of Karanataka State  about 50 Km within two years. 
1980 to 1989 After carrying out canal survey, he was transferred to Dudhaganaga Dam for Constructing Masonry Dam, high level Irrigation out lets & worked there as Assistant Engineer.
1989 to 1999 Again, he was transferred to Warna Dam in 1989 as Assistant Engineer for Construction work of Power House. Where he take challenge for construction of starting to commissioning of Warna Power House (2 x 8 MW) Upto 1999.
After that Government of Maharashtra give him promotion as Sub Divisional Engineer after 22 Years service as Assistant Engineer & transferred to Dudhganga Dam for maintence of Dudhganga Masonry Dam” (Particularly Leakages of monolith joints and heavy leakages through side wall in gallery)
2004 In 2004,he was transferred to Konkan Region in Minor Irrigation Sub Division Ratnagiri and Kankawali where he, carryout the work of George filling and store Water in the M. I. Tank of Rangav, Ottav, Nadhawade Dendonwadi and Talere etc upto 2010.
April, 2013 Then finally he was transferred to quality control Kolhapur Sub Division there he officially retired from Government Services satisfactory in April, 2013.
June 2013 After retirement he joined Diwan  Khadilkar  Consultants  Pvt  Ltd from June 2013 as Senior Engineer. 

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